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This marriage is starting to work out…

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The Indy restaurant scene can sometimes feel like a fake Birkin bag.  There’s a huge effort to be creative and high-end (ahem 14 West) , but ultimately it ends up tasting like the repetitive factory-spun food we can get in any city.

And then there’s that once-in-a-blue-moon moment you taste something that gives you hope;  Something that’s so inspiring and uplifting you just want to slap your mother.

This moment for me was Tortas Guicho, which serves Mexican sandwiches, known as street food.  Now, I’ve had Rick Bayless XOCO’s’ and I’ve had these.  Trust me when I say this:  I may not be Mexican, but I’ve been mistaken for being Mexican once or twice and I’d rather eat these tortas any day.  The difference comes down to the bread (more of a challah texture, which soaks up the juices better) and variety of meats (jamon, chorizo, ham, chicken breasts, etc).  And top it off, wash all of this down with a refreshing Mexican soda, corn-syrup free!

And now just waiting for the next blue moon…

Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito
641 Virginia Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 658-0735


a. El Sol de Tala:  Introduced by friends, this place has become a weekly staple.  Serious margarita and most importantly, the best sizzling chorizo you’ll ever find.  It’s in the ghetto, but it might be worth a trip to Wishard ER to get a taste of this.

b. Pizzology:  Gourmet pizza is something you can make at home, but when you want the right IPAs, toppings and sports games on TV, this is the perfect place.

c. Taste:  Alright, if you schmucks out there are going to Panera, Zest, Three Sisters for brunch or bfast.  Awesome and good for you.  They’re delicious.  But if you haven’t tried Taste Cafe, you haven’t lived.  In fact, if you haven’t tried their dinners that’s Wednesdays/Thursdays, you should just kill yourself.

d. Siam Square: aka curry crack.  ’nuff said.

e. Goose the Market: If you read the other blog entries, you’ll see how amazing the chef is here.  This place stocks the most amazing products, and freshest of produce and meats.  To not come here would be uncivilized.

XOCO torta and churros

clockwise l-r: crispy pig ears, torta, pernod & grapefruit oysters, NAHA foie gras


1. The Purple Pig– waiter was a lil biatch who walked around like he was stoned, but in the end it hardly mattered.  We came for one thang and one thang only:  the fried crispy pig ears.  Don’t diss it until you’ve put your mouth around it.  It’s the perfect symphony of crisp, salt and oil.

2. Naha– I’ve had a lot of oysters, but these were amazing.  These Cortez Islanders were topped with a Pernod and grapefruit sorbet.  Think about that for awhile and you’ll get how awesome that is.

3. Lao Tze Chuan– I always like to show off my Asian-ness when I get the chance, in hopes my people will see that I’m one of them and they’ll return with giving me their “secret authentic” menu.  Here in Chinatown, everything’s pretty much from an Asian mom’s kitchen anyways.  But they still only spoke English to me, which kind of hurts…

4. Takashi– Another random Japanese Michelin guide winner that my brown friend picked. Food was amazing, but every dish came with a 20-min instructional tour from the waitress (chef recommends you use the dressing from the squid to eat with greens, blah blah blah). Woman, just let me eat.

5. XOCO– Rick Bayless’ interpretation of Mexican street food.  Which tells you he’s a modest man, because this hardly belongs on the streets- it belongs in my belly.  (This was our second time to see Rick in two days; after seeing him through the windows of Naha and now in the XOCO kitchen, I do declare us BFFs).

I’ve just returned from eating at this popular family-owned Korean joint in town, MaMa’s Korean Restaurant.  The food was yummy, but honestly being non-Korean I can’t be the best person to critique it can I?  I don’t know what “bad” Korean food is so we’re just gonna go with saying that this place fed me really good Korean food.  There are  tables with a barbeque pit in the middle for grilling Korean BBQ, so you can play and cook your food a la The Melting Pot.

The service is a bit slow and it felt like MaMa was the only one running this place. But the extra time allowed me to people watch- left and right of us were Koreans, so that automatically is a good sign.  They were chomping on their ribs and cutting up their meat with scissors (yeah, scissors), and their plates of meat were literally neverending- once they finished one plate, MaMa came out and filled it with another mountain of raw ribs. We’re thinking:  daayuum MaMa hooks you upp!

Our plate of meat arrives, and instead of a mountain of red meat it was more like a plateau. Thinking that there’s more to come, we wait another ten minutes for the rest of our mountain- but the mountain never came.  I sniffed the air and knew something was up, I looked around at the Koreans’ tables and then looked at a white couple eating a few tables near us. Verdict:  Gasp! MaMa is a non-Korean hater!

The Korean tables were getting more meat and different sides, and they even get to finish their meal with what looks to be a refreshing cup of Korean drink.  The dessert drink never served to us of course, which made me want it even more.

So m’dear MaMa, you serve beautiful Korean food that everyone wants to try.  At least share with your fellow-Asians and  be selective with non-Asians (I kid, but not really).  I understand it’s difficult to think of me as your kind when I have a brown dude following me everywhere, but I promise he will eat any kind of meat in front of him. We will sing your good praises, MaMa.

8867 Pendleton Pike

Indianapolis 46226

It’s Starbucks 40th anniversary so pay your tributes by putting these in your mouth:

Starbucks has never boasted the best pastries/desserts, but these are totally worth a trip.  (And it’s fat-free!  har harrr).

If you have any self-respect, you’d go to Target and buy a box of Tim Tams.  It has beautifully blended textures of graham crackers and chocolate cream, along with other variations of fillings. An imported box by the Australian brand Arnot’s costs you about $7.  Thankfully, Target carries the American version by Pepperidge Farms and sells for roughly $3.

So hurry and eat some Tim Tams…because you’re worth it.

This blog is quickly become a shrine to Goose, and here’s another:

Hands down, this is the best drink to put down your gullet.  Fresh strawberry gelato drowned in Brachetto (Italian sparkling wine).  For other alternatives, use whatever your heart desires (sherbert or ice cream drowned in prosecco or asti).  You can’t go wrong. It’s not just a drink, it’s a vision for a better tomorrow.  Cheers!

Photo from Goose blog

Just when I thought Goose couldn’t get any better…

foie gras mousse with roasted pears

pickled cucumber halibut on a bed of israeli couscous

stone crab claws

… to top it all off, a shipment of stone crab claws!  Those of you familiar with these succulent pinchers, here’s the recipe for the famous Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant’s creamy sauce to go along with these.  (Source:  Saveur)

1 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp. half-and-half
4 tsp. dry mustard
2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. A.1. Steak Sauce
Kosher salt and freshly ground
black pepper, to taste