Do you guys know the show Chuck’s Day Off?  Kill yourself if you don’t…

He’s the total antithesis of the Food Network.  Seriously, I’ve had it up to here with that channel.  (the other day I watched Giada show her viewers how to make a fruit plate… and she plated it all on her boobs).

Look at him: He’s so dreamy and tatted up, he’s the quintessential Top Chef cheftestant.  He shoots his cooking show right in his restaurant’s kitchen and the way he instructs to his viewers is as if he’s talking right to his sous chef.  None of this “okay let’s watch this pasta cook” crap.  While it takes Rachel Ray 30 minutes to make 3 dishes, Chuck makes 5 restaurant menu dishes.

I’m completely enamored with him and his food.  So hubby and I are taking on a little “Julie and Julia” challenge.  Every couple weeks we re-create a Chuck’s Day Off episode and blog about the results.  Hopefully our efforts will inspire the few of you to try the recipe yourselves and realize awesomeness that is Chuck Hughes.