I know, you can hardly tell who this is from my discretely taken photo since I was playing oh-so-cool, but we were less than a foot away from Bobby Flay himself!  This week we dined at the Publican, located at the Meat Packing district in Chi-town.  The restaurant menu is packed with pork and seafood, the two proteins I could probably survive on for the rest of my life. We ordered a seafood tower that literally took up our entire table, so much so that I was eating my plate from my lap because of the lack of table space. The portion isn’t the only thing that’s so shocking; I immediately jumped on ordering this when I saw that you have to reserve this 24-hr in advance, guaranteeing its freshness.  It was heaven.

The pork rinds that they’re famous for are seasoned to perfection.  The crispness is so amazing that every bite is echoed with an extra crackle.  Only $5 each order.  Other menu items:  Suckling Pig, sweetbreads.  I could go on.  Not to mention the beer menu offers the sexiest showcase of domestic and foreign beers I have ever laid eyes on (Holland, Sweden, Belgium, you name it they have it).

Get your arses there!