a. El Sol de Tala:  Introduced by friends, this place has become a weekly staple.  Serious margarita and most importantly, the best sizzling chorizo you’ll ever find.  It’s in the ghetto, but it might be worth a trip to Wishard ER to get a taste of this.

b. Pizzology:  Gourmet pizza is something you can make at home, but when you want the right IPAs, toppings and sports games on TV, this is the perfect place.

c. Taste:  Alright, if you schmucks out there are going to Panera, Zest, Three Sisters for brunch or bfast.  Awesome and good for you.  They’re delicious.  But if you haven’t tried Taste Cafe, you haven’t lived.  In fact, if you haven’t tried their dinners that’s Wednesdays/Thursdays, you should just kill yourself.

d. Siam Square: aka curry crack.  ’nuff said.

e. Goose the Market: If you read the other blog entries, you’ll see how amazing the chef is here.  This place stocks the most amazing products, and freshest of produce and meats.  To not come here would be uncivilized.